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Dhampur Green Jaggery Muesli Oats With Cinnamon

Original price Rs. 499.00 - Original price Rs. 499.00
Original price Rs. 499.00
Rs. 499.00
Rs. 499.00 - Rs. 499.00
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  • Made With Popped Amaranth Seeds (Rich Source Of Manganese, Potassium, Iron Etc) And Oats, Whole Cereal, No Processing To Ensure High Retained Nutrition.
  • Packed With Nutrients, Protein, And Fibre, Packed In Thus Great-Tasting, Convenient And A Nourishing Breakfast. It Is Simply Delicious. We Love It, Not Because We Have Made This With A Warm Heart, But Because It Is Filled Antioxidants With A Balanced Nutritional Composition.
  • No Added Sugar, No Refined Flour, Made With Whole Grain Oats, Rich Source Of Protein No Artificial Colour / Flavour / Concentrates, No Sugar Syrup / No Corn, Zero Trans-Fat, Zero Cholesterol.
  • This Cereal Is Delicately Spiced With Flavourful True Cinnamon! Cinnamon Is One Of The World'S Most Popular Spices, Sprinkled On Lattes, Boiled With Ciders And Enjoyed In Numerous Dishes. Without It, Thanksgiving And Christmas Meals Might Well Become Tasteless And Definitely Less Fragrant. It Has Been Used In Ayurvedic Medicine To Treat Respiratory And Digestive Problems For Centuries.
  • Countless Ways To Enjoy Muesli ???Snack It Right Out Of The Bag Or Have It In A Bowl And Pour Some Milk On It Or Couple It With Yogurt. Just Take A Handful Of Jaggery Muesli Oats And Feel Natureƒ??S Bounty In Its Grainy, Nutty And Fruity Goodness!
  • Refined Sugar Replaced With Jaggery To Supercharge With Nutrition