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Hugo Reitzil Sliced Red Jalapeno

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WEIGHT: 370gm

This is aVegetarianproduct.
  • Hugo Reitzel brings to you a range of food items that will not only satiate your taste buds but will also kill your hunger prangs. The brand brings to you delicious food items, such as cornichons, gherkins (a variety of cucumber) Jalapenos both red and green and baby corn.
  • Red jalapenos are left on the vine longer than the traditional green variety, which gives then a slightly sweeter flavour.
  • Canned, pickled or sliced are just some of the ways jalapenos are sold. In a jar or in a can jalapenos are pickled meaning they are preserved in vinegar, which may slightly alter the taste of the jalapenos.
  • Hugo Reitzel Red Jalapeno is a perfect spicy and tangy condiment with a nice amount of heat. Country of Origin India.
  • Taste great in many ways: American and Mexican cuisines, burritos, tacos and casseroles & pizza, burger & sandwich.