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Dr.Jains Gulvel Powder

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  1. Gulvel is useful infever mainlybecause ofTikta rasa. The decoction of Gulvel and Pippali is used inVata-Kaphaja type of fever.
  2. It improves general weakness due to chronic fever. It nourishes generally.
  3. It relieves the associating symptoms ascough,mild pain,enlargement of spleenetc. Gulvel is a tonic not only for general health but specifically forheart.
  4. It protectsheart fromtoxins(formed in fever) and givesstrength to the heart. Gulvel is given to reducepost febrile weaknessand to reduceburning of hands and feet.
  5. Gulvel is also usedin diabetes. It pacifies Meda, Kleda and prameha doshas. Gulvel is Mutrajanan (diuretiOand Mutravirajaniya. So it is useful in disorders ofurinary system. Gulvel is also helpful in skin diseases.
  6. Itdetoxifies Kledak Kaphaandpurifies blood. Gulvel is also useful inpurification of breast milkand also used inophthalmic disorders.
  7. In this way, Gulvel is a very goodRasayanorrejuvinant.