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Nandini Cheese Soft Process 1kg

by Nandini
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Original price Rs. 450.00
Rs. 450.00
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Nandini Cheese is a food that many healthy eaters crave. Add cheese to salads, layer it on sandwiches or just enjoy cheese on its own. Either way, Nandini cheese provides a creamy flavour that most of us find satisfying. As part of our Co-operative movement, we promise to bring you the best of mouth-watering, delicious and most healthy product to your plate. Made with pure cow milk under best hygienic conditions and zero adulteration. We promise the best always. Nutritionally rich in calcium, Phosphorous. The best-concentrated form of energy. Suited for all age groups. Eating 100 grams of cheese will substitute eating 4-5 eggs at a time or eating 10 to 15 slices of bread at a time.